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The driver's role in connection with collision avoidance and advanced technology systems.
I E120965 /91 /83 / ITRD E120965
Allen, R.W.
Advances in Transportation Studies, Vol. 2 (April 2004), p. 33-47, 34 ref.

Samenvatting This paper discusses issues associated with the role drivers' play in collision avoidance and their interaction with systems designed to improve the response of the driver/vehicle system in hazardous situations. There are basic kinematic and dynamic considerations that constrain the response of the driver/vehicle system. Beyond this, appropriate sensors, processing and displays may be able to improve the driver's situation awareness and/or alert the inattentive driver to improve system response in critical situations. Relevant behavioural characteristics of drivers and maneuvering characteristics of vehicles are reviewed in terms of their impact on the response of the driver/vehicle system in safety critical circumstances. (Author/publisher)
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