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What roundabout design provides the highest possible safety?
I E109190 [electronic version only] /82 / ITRD E109190

Nordic Road & Transport Research. 2000 /08. 12(2) Pp17-21

Samenvatting While it is generally accepted that a roundabout is a safe type of intersection, designed to reduce serious injuries to motor vehicle occupants, there is concern that safety may even deteriorate where cyclists are concerned. A study to evaluate accident and injury risks at roundabouts with different layouts is reported. Carried out by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI), the study found that roundabouts with a maximum permissible speed of 50 km/h are typically safer for motorists than grade-separated junctions. Single-lane roundabouts can be just as safe for cyclists as other types of intersection and perhaps safer for pedestrians than any other type.
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