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A study of alcohol and drugs in impaired and fatally injured drivers in the west of Scotland.
I E109009 /83 / ITRD E109009
Seymour, A. & Oliver, J.S.
Journal Of Traffic Medicine. 2000. 28(3-4) Pp32-7 (8 Refs.)

Samenvatting The aim was to ascertain the prevalence of drugs (both licit and illicit) and alcohol amongst both drivers suspected of impairment and drivers fatally injured. All 214 relevant cases were identified and results of toxicological investigation retrieved using the departmental database. The prevalence of illicit drugs amongst living drivers is increasing, in particular the concurrent use of morphine and benzodiazepines. Alcohol was found to be present in approximately one fifth of living drivers at quite significant concentrations. Drug and alcohol use amongst fatally injured drivers was shown to be minimal. The incidence of illicit drugs amongst drivers suspected of impairment is increasing in the Strathclyde region and remains a problem for the authorities. (Author/publisher).
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