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Female DUI offenders: a comparison to male counterparts and an examination of the effects of intervention on women's recidivism studies
I 855887 IRRD 9303
Wells-Parker, E.N. Pang, M.G. Anderson, B.J. Mcmillen, D.L. & Miller, D.I.
Journal Of Studies On Alcohol. 1991 /03. 52(2) Pp142-147 (Refs.)

Samenvatting Female DUI offenders who participated in a controlled, random assignment dui intervention study, the mississippi dui probation follow-up project, were compared to their male counterparts on demographic, drinker status and recidivism variables. The effects of short-term rehabilitation, one year's probation and administration of the life activities inventory-current status questionnaire (lai-csq) on thelong-term recidivism rates of women were examined. The analysis forscreened low-problem-risk women was inconclusive due to lack of statistical power. However, the repeated administration of the lai-csq was detrimental for screened high-problem-risk women and tended to be detrimental for women with fewer than 12 years of education. Implications for intervening with female duis are discussed
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