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The Road Safety Monitor 2013 : drugs and driving.
C 51640 [electronic version only] /83 /
Pashley, C.R. Robertson, R.D. & Vanlaar, W.G.M.
Ottawa, Ontario, Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada TIRF, 2014, III + 22 p., 43 ref. - ISBN 978-1-926857-55-8

Samenvatting The Road Safety Monitor (RSM) is a public opinion survey conducted annually by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) under sponsorship from Beer Canada, Toyota Canada Foundation and Aviva Canada. The survey takes the pulse of the nation on key road safety issues by means of a telephone and on-line survey of a random, representative sample of Canadian drivers. The survey examines: * what Canadians see as priority road safety issues and how concerned they are about them; * their views about how to deal with these problems; * how they behave on the road; and, * the prevalence of certain behaviours on the road. The RSM includes a core set of questions that are asked each year to provide information on trends in attitudes, opinions, and behaviours. This is supplemented each year by a set of questions that probe more deeply into special, topical, and emerging issues. This report summarizes national results from the 2013 RSM data on drugs and driving in Canada. (Author/publisher)
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