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"Teaching them a lesson?" A qualitative exploration of underlying motivations for driver aggression.
TRIS 01352798
Lennon, A. & Watson, B.
Accident Analysis & Prevention. 2011 /11. 43(6) Pp2200-2208 (1 Fig., Refs.)

Samenvatting Aggressive driving is increasingly a concern for drivers in highly motorized countries. However, the role of driver intent in this behavior is problematic and there is little research on driver cognitions in relation to aggressive driving incidents. In addition, while drivers who admit to behaving aggressively on the road also frequently report being recipients of similar behaviors, little is known about the relationship between perpetration and victimization or about how road incidents escalate into the more serious events that feature in capture media attention. The current study used qualitative interviews to explore driver cognitions and underlying motivations for aggressive behaviors on the road. A total of 30 drivers aged 18-49 years were interviewed about their experiences with aggressive driving. A key theme identified in responses was driver aggression as an attempt to manage or modify the behavior of other road users. Two subthemes were identified and appeared related to separate motivations for aggressive responses: "teaching them a lesson" referred to situations where respondents intended to convey criticism or disapproval, usually of unintended behaviors by the other driver, and thus encourage self-correction; and "justified retaliation" which referred to situations where respondents perceived deliberate intent on the part of the other driver and responded aggressively in return. Mildly aggressive driver behavior appears to be common. Moreover such behavior has a sufficiently negative impact on other drivers that it may be worth addressing because of its potential for triggering retaliation in kind or escalation of aggression, thus compromising safety. (A) Reprinted with permission from Elsevier.
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