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Dodehoekproblematiek tussen vrachtauto's en fietsers : analyse van dodehoekongevallen : kenmerken, oorzaken en potentiële maatregelen. Thesis Delft University of Technology, Department Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics.
C 50681 [electronic version only]
Bruin, D. de
Delft, Delft University of Technology, Department Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics, 2008, 144 p., 23 ref.

Samenvatting Blind spot problems between lorries and cyclists; analysis of blind spot accidents: characteristics, causes and measures. By the time of the mandatory introduction of blind spot mirrors and cameras per 2003, a large reduction of deaths among cyclists from blind spot crashes between lorries and cyclist in the Netherlands occurred (six in 2002 and seven in 2003). After that, the number of deaths increased again. The number of deaths among cyclist in 2004-2006 was on the same level as the number in 1997-2001 (with 15-21 death cyclist a year). It seems that the introduction of the blind spot mirror had only a temporary effect. The question is how blind spot accidents arise and which measures can be effective. The goal of this report is to analyse the causes of blind spot accidents between lorries and cyclists and to determine potential measures to decrease the number of blind spot accidents structurally. (Author/publisher)
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