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Getting ADAS on the road : actors' interactions in advanced driver assistance systems deployment. Proefschrift Technische Universiteit Delft TUD.
C 50578 [electronic version only] /91 /
Walta, L.
Delft, The Netherlands TRAIL Research School, 2011, VIII + 224 p., 116 ref.; TRAIL Thesis Series ; T2011/4 - ISBN 978-90-5584-141-7

Samenvatting Currently, many car drivers spend many hours in congested traffic. If their cars would have been equipped with an electronic system that automatically follows the car in front of them, congestion might have been prevented. Such a system is an example of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). ADAS can potentially contribute to the solution of transport problems, and some ADAS are already available on the market. However, these have not yet been deployed on a large scale. Public authorities, the automotive industry, insurance companies, and users are the main actors who can directly influence the deployment of ADAS. In this thesis a mathematical model to study the interactions between these actors in ADAS deployment is developed, estimated, and applied. The results show that the automotive industry is likely to be the leading actor in ADAS deployment. Public authorities can have a substantial influence on ADAS deployment but are not expected to take action first. Insurance companies are not likely to play a large role in ADAS deployment. (Author/publisher)
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