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Intelligent transportation systems and vehicle-highway automation 2007. A peer-reviewed publication of the Transportation Research Board TRB.
C 50558 S [electronic version only] /73 / ITRD E851382

Washington, D.C., National Research Council NRC, Transportation Research Board TRB / National Academy Press, 2007, VII + 127 p., 71 ref.; Transportation Research Record TRR ; No. 2000 - ISSN 0361-1981 / ISBN 0-309-10426-5

Samenvatting This collection of 15 papers is concerned with intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and vehicle–highway automation. Specific topics discussed include the following: ITS for road operation in high wind conditions; Monte Carlo simulation of intervehicle communication; extending adaptive cruise control; variable message sign benefit limits; vehicle infrastructure integration (VII)-enabled traffic monitoring; urban expressway–arterial corridor on-line control system; quantifying reductions in commute disutility; dedicated short-range communications technology for freeway incident detection; shadow removal from traffic images; incident management program integrated with ITS operations; adaptive route choice model for intelligent route guidance; optimal detectors configuration using clustering; forward collision warning system; lane departure warning system performance; and cooperative vehicle system performance.
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