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How to Use Mirrors.
C 50039 (In: C 49887 CD-ROM) /83 /91 / ITRD E145631
Niewoehner, W.
In: Proceedings of the 21st International Technical Conference on Enhanced Safety of Vehicles ESV, Stuttgart, Germany, June 15-18, 2009, Pp.

Samenvatting Blind spots of trucks are a frequently discussed problem. The usual way to reduce blind spots is to use a mirror. The new mirror regulation 2003/97/EC is improving the visible areas around a truck. The new trucks in Europe are equipped with mirrors which have to fulfil the new mirror regulation. This is the current technical situation. But how do drivers use these mirrors? What do they know about the new mirror systems? Does the driver know how to adjust the mirrors to provide the best view? An overview is presented about the mirror-related knowledge of German truck drivers and, subject to the type of mirror system mounted, how they are adjusted and used. That is followed by the presentation of a solution to an old problem: so far there is no system which shows the driver of a truck whether his mirrorsare adjusted in the right way or not. An idea coming from the Netherlandswas to use markings painted on the ground to help the truck drivers to adjust their mirrors. This idea was improved by Daimler, MAN and DEKRA and is now offered e.g. to fleet operators to help their drivers. Furthermore the remaining part is about how drivers use their mirrors on the road in different traffic situations. The full text of this paper may be found at: http://www-nrd.nhtsa.dot.gov/pdf/esv/esv21/09-0469.pdf For the covering abstract see ITRD E145407.
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