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Towards better performing transport networks.
C 49642 /72 /15 / ITRD E137668
Jourquin, B. Rietveld, P. & Westin, K. (eds.)
Abingdon, Routledge, 2006, XIV + 373 p., ref.; Routledge Studies in Business Organizations and Networks ; Vol. 34 - ISBN 0-415-37971-7 / ISBN 978-0-415-37971-7

Samenvatting This book is a collection of studies by researchers belonging to the Network on European Communications and Transport Activity Research. The first part considers the stimulation of better transport performances by means of regulation and various other policies. This is followed by contributionson efficiency and sustainability in transport. Some method-oriented contributions in which efficiency is measured by models and methods are also included. Specific topics include intermodal transport, the environmental impact of underground freight transport, intelligent speed adaptation, competition in transport networks, environmental impact of vehicles, decoupling economic growth and transport, workplace travel plans, public transport policy, high speed trains and the accessibility of destinations, global supply chains, short sea shipping, simulation of travel behaviour, and deployment of advanced driver assistance systems. It is noted that the environmental performance of multimodality is less good than might be expected, that the environmental impact of transport is a matter of continuous concern and that the long term impacts aiming at decoupling are hard to assess.
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