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Mobility for Vulnerable Road Users - Education of Children in Pedestrian Safety - A Strategy to Alleviate Road Deaths in South Africa.
C 48987 (In: C 48739 DVD) /83 / ITRD E139743
Fourie, H.S. & Moeketsi, P.
In: Proceedings 23rd World Road Congress, Paris, 17-21 September 2007, 17 p., 23 ref.

Samenvatting The number of deaths and injuries that take place in developing countriesdue to traffic crashes is recognised by the World Bank as a priority health issue. The socio economic climate in South Africa dictates that most families use public transport or walking to reach the primary destination - work or education. The most vulnerable group of learners is that between three and 12 years of age, as they participate in traffic without any real experience or training. Engineering changes alone cannot prevent injuries;road safety education is essential to make children safe in their mobility and access to educational centres and schools. It is advocated in this paper through the experiences in Eldorado Park that a multi dimensional approach can be successful in changing attitude and behaviour to reduce fatalities. It is emphasised that road safety education for children requires acomprehensive approach, including involvement from parents, teachers and older family members. A comprehensive approach also includes innovative training programmes in the classroom, educating children with plays, booklets, games and training them in real life scenarios focussing on pedestrian activity. In focussing on a life skill for pedestrians a different breed of driver is developed by repetitive education during the formative years of primary school children. For the covering abstract see ITRD E139491.
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