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Vulnerable, yet Sustainable "Mobility for Vulnerable Road Users Worldwide".
C 48848 (In: C 48739 DVD) /72 / ITRD E139603
Beroud, B. & Noort, P. van den
In: Proceedings 23rd World Road Congress, Paris, 17-21 September 2007, 19 p., 35 ref.

Samenvatting This paper focuses on road safety for sustainable modes, namely non-motorized transports. Even though 90 % of road injuries occur in developing countries, sustainable mobility and public transport passengers represents 90% of them. 2020 forecasts are quite alarming as these figures may increase by 65 % while safety will increase in high-income countries. Nowadays, sustainable mobility users suffer of barriers effects created by policies toward road motorized transport. Hence, sustainable mobility became less safe and less competitive. A sustainable solution could be low speeds with consistent road designs in order to obtain an equilibrium among all road users. For the covering abstract see ITRD E139491.
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