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Safety Improvement Practice for Vulnerable Road Users in Beijing Junctions.
C 47774 (In: C 45019 DVD) /72 / ITRD E853707
Chen, Y. Meng, H. & Wang, Z.
In: Compendium of papers DVD 88th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board TRB, Washington, D.C., January 11-15, 2009, 10 p.

Samenvatting With the continuous development of modernization in Beijing, the level ofmobility reaches a high level. It let the trips faster and easily, but also triggered a large number of traffic accidents. In the traffic accidents, bicyclists and pedestrians are vulnerable group, so they need more special protection. Taking 2 typical junctions in Beijing as example, this paper use traffic conflict technique to identify the conflicts in the junctions, and find ways of reducing conflicts to improve the traffic safety of vulnerable road users. Through before and after comparative analysis, the effectiveness of safety improvement countermeasures is evaluated.
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