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The prevalence and relative risk of drink and drug driving in Norway : a case-control study in the Oslo and Bergen area.
C 47628 [electronic version only] /83 /
Assum, T.
Oslo, Institute of Transport Economics TØI, 2005, III + 30 p., 18 ref.; TØI Report ; 805/2005 - ISSN 0808-1190 / ISBN 82-480-0573-9 (paper version) / ISBN 82-480-0574-7 (electronic version)

Samenvatting The relative risk of road trauma associated with psychoactive substance use was determined by comparing the prevalence of seven substances between a sample of killed and seriously injured drivers and a sample of the general driver population. Due to data collection problems both samples obtained were smaller than planned, a fact which limits the conclusions of the study. Nevertheless, the prevalence of five of the seven drugs studied is higher among the killed and injured drivers than among the general drivers. 32 per cent of the killed or injured drivers had taken at least one of the seven drugs studied, wheres only one per cent of the general drivers had taken one or more of these drugs. This is an indication that these drugs cause high accident risk in road traffic. (Author/publisher)
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