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A Google Maps-Based Approach to Real-Time Traffic and Travel Information (RTTI) Dissemination over the Internet.
C 47256 (In: C 46669 CD-ROM) /72 / ITRD E852994
Laborda, J. Puerto, L. & Sauret, P.
In: ITS in daily life : proceedings of the 16th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Stockholm, Sweden, September 21-25, 2009, 8 p.

Samenvatting This paper presents the architecture of an Advanced Traveler Information System which disseminates RTTI through a highly interactive web interface.The presentation layer relies on Google Maps and the use of cutting-edge AJAX1 techniques, while the underlying core technology is the traffic aggregation server. The server applies several ad hoc algorithms to normalize each traffic data feed, both for dynamic (road congestion, road works, accidents) and static data (black spots, speed cameras, risk mapping per roadstretch as provided by the EuroRAP2 program). Static data is also encodedin order to be easily downloaded and displayed in most GPS units.
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