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An Examination of the Rural Intersection Collision Avoidance System.
C 47111 (In: C 46669 CD-ROM) /91 /21 / ITRD E852753
Smith, T.A. Szymkowski, R. Dodge, L.D. & Berg, J.H.
In: ITS in daily life : proceedings of the 16th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Stockholm, Sweden, September 21-25, 2009, 10 p.

Samenvatting To address the challenges of rural safety, the U.S. Department of Transportation established the Rural Safety Initiative in February 2008. One component of the Rural Safety Initiative is the Rural Safety Innovation Program (RSIP). Through the RSIP, Wisconsin Department of Transportation is implementing, demonstrating, and validating a new Rural Intersection CollisionAvoidance System (RICAS). RICAS uses emerging sensing, computation, and display technologies to provide real-time warnings to drivers before the conditions which lead to a life changing crash can develop. This paper examines RICAS in terms of project goals and objectives, anticipated safety benefits, design, implementation and evaluation approach.
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