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Development of Energy-Saving Automatic Driving Support Technology for Advanced ITS.
C 46680 (In: C 46669 CD-ROM) /91 /15 / ITRD E852365
Shimizu, R. Tsuda, Y. Shimizu, S. Sone, H. & Ozawa, T.
In: ITS in daily life : proceedings of the 16th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Stockholm, Sweden, September 21-25, 2009, 10 p.

Samenvatting The effective energy-saving Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology attracts attention for the energy and environmental measures of the transportation section today. ITS (energy ITS as follows) contains many technologies, and following elemental technologies are focused. Platooning technology for transportation efficiency improvement, Automatic driving/eco-driving technology for traffic jam reduction using inter vehicle communication (C2C-Communication). The authors realized the automatic driving vehicle which the energy-saving effect is expected, using highly precise three-dimensional electronic road map data. This article reports about the development and generated the highly precise location information of the vehicle in real time with global positioning system (GPS) data , IMU data and ahighly precise vehicle speed pulse which is generated by the odometer carried by a vehicle. In addition, the article developed a real-time Mobile Mapping System (MMS) device that extracts ambient landmark data from highlyprecise three-dimensional electronic road map data, with the location information of the vehicle. And the article realizes the automatic driving vehicle by vehicle control ECU and run environment recognizer while inputting the result of the real-time MMS device.
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