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Campaigns and Awareness Raising Strategies in Traffic Safety (CAST). Manual for designing, implementing, and evaluating road safety communication campaigns. [Part I: Background on road safety and communication campaigns. Part II: Step-by-step guide for designing, implementing and evaluating a road safety communication campaign.]
C 46042 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E217777
Delhomme, P. Dobbeleer, W. de Forward, S. Simões, A. (eds.) Adamos, G. Areal, A. Chappé, J. Eyssartier, C. Loukopoulos, P. Nathanail, T. Nordbakke, S. Peters, H. Phillips, R. Pinto, M. Ranucci, M.-F. Sardi, G.M. Trigoso, J. Vaa, T. Veisten, K. & Walter, E.
Brussels, Belgian Road Safety Institute BIVV, 2009, 324 p., 272 ref.

Samenvatting The present document was drawn up within the framework of the European project CAST. Campaigns and Awareness-raising Strategies in Traffic Safety (CAST) is a targeted research project supported by the European Commission. It was set up to meet the Commission's need to enhance traffic safety by means of effective road safety campaigns. The aim of this manual is to provide a detailed and practical tool for designing, implementing and evaluating road safety communication campaigns. It contains both a statistical and theoretical background on road safety and communication campaigns and a wealth of practical recommandations for conducting campaigns at the local, regional, national and international scales. It is aimed at decision-makers, practitioners, researchers, students and any organization involved in designing and implementing road safety communication campaigns in Europe and abroad.
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