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Risk assessment of intersection safety countermeasures with the use of field data.
C 45826 [electronic version only] /85 /91 / ITRD E140789
Chan, C.-Y. & Danno, M.
International Journal of ITS Research, Vol. 6 (2008), No. 1 (July), p. 37-45, 20 ref.

Samenvatting In recent years, there have been world-wide interests in developing intersection collision avoidance systems. In such systems, computing, sensing, and communication technologies are utilized for the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems by issuing alerts to drivers in potential hazardous situations. To assess the effectiveness of proposed safety countermeasures, it is necessary to investigate whether the countermeasures can result in favourable and desirable driver responses. For the purpose of exploring design options and implementation issues of driver assistance functions, driver reactions can best be observed through the collection of field data in a real-world setting. This paper describes a study related to the collection, utilization and interpretation of field data. In addition, a criticality index function is proposed to quantify the safety risks in specific traffic scenarios. The availability of such risk index can be used to determine the safety impact of suggested collision avoidance systems.
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