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Blackspot management: low cost measures offered by horizontal and vertical signing.
C 45715 (In: C 45677 [electronic version only]) /73 / ITRD E217818
Nuyttens, R.
In: Proceedings the 13th International Conference on Road Safety on Four Continents, Warsaw, Poland 5-7 October 2005, 11 p., 11 ref.

Samenvatting Black spot situations can be improved dramatically by low cost upgrading of signing and pavement markings. The use of high performance retro-reflective technology in combination with fluorescent colors have demonstrated in various situations that improved conspicuity of the signs and markings have resulted in lower accident rates. This improved visibility is needed around the clock for all kind of weather conditions, for any age of person driving any type of vehicle.If there is more time to see this provides more time nk, decide and act. This paper offers a summary of some case studies / best practices by various authorities from various European countries (A). For the covering abstract of the conference see E217780.
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