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Car occupants.
C 44966 (In: C 44958 [electronic version only])

In: Future research directions in injury biomechanics and passive safety research, IRCOBI, 2006, p. 56-59, 7 ref.

Samenvatting Because car occupants are generally the most commonly injured of all road users in highly-motorised societies and the impact environment is relatively predictable, protective countermeasures such as seat belts and engineering solutions have been developed. On-going introduction and enforcement of relevant legislation is also effective. Research issues covering frontal collisions, side collisions, rear impacts and rollovers are summarised. Areas for further knowledge include active safety technologies, such as pre crash-sensing systems and electronic stability control; appropriate tests for the full range of real-world conditions, including biomechanical and vehicle variations, and covering a wider range of crash types; research into frontal and oblique impact protection, restraint systems, side impact protection, rear impacts and rollovers.
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