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Research on vulnerable road user's traffic safety design at city intersection.
C 43394 (In: C 43376 CD-ROM) /72 / ITRD E137324
Wang, S. Guo, J. Chen, J. & Wang, Z.
In: Proceedings of the extra workshop on Road User Behaviour with a Special Focus on Vulnerable Road Users : Technical, Social and Psychological Aspects of the International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety ICTCT, Beijing, China, 2-3 April 2007, 4 ref.

Samenvatting With rapid development of road construction and passenger car entering family, it leads to the traveling convenience as well as the serious traffic accidents and greater economic loss in China. Intersection is the traffic accident prone location in city, where car, bicycle and pedestrian conflict at many points. Moreover there's little consideration of the vulnerable road users' right and safety during intersection design and operation, so it is dangerous for bicyclist and pedestrian crossing intersections. Based on mass traffic reports of recent years, the traffic accidents data was classified, character and reasons of vulnerable road users' accidents were analyzed in this paper. Then this research proposed design principles and factors for vulnerable road user's traffic design at intersection considerate the balance between road safety and capacity. Finally an intersection named Da Wanglu was selected as an example to illustrate how to realize vulnerable road user's traffic design. For the covering abstract see ITRD E138091. This paper is available from http://www.ictct.org/workshops/07-Beijing/24WangShuling8289.pdf.
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