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Proceedings of the extra workshop on Road User Behaviour with a Special Focus on Vulnerable Road Users : Technical, Social and Psychological Aspects of the International Cooperation on Theories and Concepts in Traffic Safety ICTCT, Beijing, China, 2-3 April 2007.
C 43376 CD-ROM /80 /81 /82 /83 / ITRD E138091

Wien, ICTCT Secretariat, 2007, CD-ROM

Samenvatting Papers presented at this conference are on pedestrian safety, vulnerable road users, accidents, driver safety and safety policy. For abstracts of some of the papers see C 43377 - C 43412, and C 43427 - C 43428 (ITRD E137287 to E137299, E137317 to E137325 and E138003 to E138021). This publication may be accessed by Internet users at: http://www.ictct.org/workshop.php?workshop_nr=28
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