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Thailand road safety and introducing public participatory approach for black spot identification.
C 43291 (In: C 43218 CD-ROM) /80 / ITRD E216705
Fukuda, T. Fukuda, A. Sinlapabutra, T. & Tangpaisalkit, C.
In: Proceedings the 14th International Conference on Road Safety on Four Continents, Bangkok, Thailand 14-16 November 2007, 14 p., 10 ref.

Samenvatting This paper presents road traffic accident situations in Thailand and its attempts to integrate multidisciplinary strategic approaches to tackle the problems. This study discusses a possibility to turn policy into practice starting from bottom-up level through utilizing traffic psychological technique for public participatory enhancement to identify existing and potential hazardous spots at some residential areas in Bangkok Metropolis. The paper also presents the results of black spot identification survey. The findings indicate that an integration of traffic psychological technique with public participation approach is a significant alternative method that helps to derive not only black spot identification but also collisions and causations in the study areas. This entails policy implications on finding the proper countermeasures to cope with typical road traffic accidents in that certain circumstance efficiently. (A). For the covering abstract of the conference see E216632.
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