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SURE (Users' Safety on Existing Roads): a new method implemented in France to improve safety on existing roads.
C 43135 (In: C 42993 CD-ROM) /82 / ITRD E135360
Chambon, P. & Ganneau, F.
In: Proceedings of the European Transport Conference ETC, Strasbourg, France, 18-20 September 2005, Transport Policy and Operations - Traffic and Transport Safety - Network Safety Assessment. 2005. 8 p., 5 ref.

Samenvatting The implementation of a new method has been decided by the french road administration in the end of 2004 to improve the safety on existing roads. The method has been elaborated since 2002 and is now completed, after a test in 2004. It applies to all national roads in France and can be adapted to other roads. The originality and the advantages of the approach concerns several purposes are: aims at understanding the real dysfunctions specific to each type of road (through the detailed analysis of the development of the accidents that have actually happened) and at providing a realistic solution; Its efficiency is based on the establishment of priorities between actions to be carried out on the network, according to the expected reduction in accidents; It proposes a global approach that includes identification of the stakes, diagnosis, proposition and implementation of corrective actions, assessment of these actions. It integrates a preventive element (as it includes a systematic inspection of the road), adaptable to the context of each country and focused on the infrastructure features that have an impact on safety and on which an adjustment action is possible and recognised as efficient; It applies as well to the management of 'black spots' as to diffuse accidentology; It associates road administrations and local communities, and establishes a dialogue on road safety issues. For the covering abstract please see ITRD E135207.
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