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Drugged driving in Hungary 2000-2004. Paper presented at the 17th International Association of Forensic Sciences (IAFS) Meeting, Hong Kong, 21 to 26 August 2005.
C 41699 [electronic version only]
Varga, T. Magori, K. Hideg, Z. & Somogyi, G.
Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine, Vol. 13 (2006), No. 6-8 (August-November), p. 308-310, 11 ref.

Samenvatting The authors analyzed the biological samples available in criminal cases that were started because of illicit and prescribed drug-impaired driving between 2000 and 2004. The result of the on-the-spot clinical test is not informative and cannot be evaluated as it is mainly affected by the simultaneous presence of alcohol. Licit or illicit drugs in the urine could be detected in 378 people out of 623 people (60.7%), whereas in 59 cases (9.5%) there was some substance present in the blood. The occurrence multiple drugs was high (36.8%). The joint use of alcohol and drugs has increased in the past few years. (Author/publisher)
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