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Speed support through the intelligent vehicle : perspective, estimated effects and implementation aspects.[Deliverable of the Intelligent Vehicles project, part of the Traffic Management project within TRANSUMO (TRANsition to SUstainable MObility).]
C 41645 [electronic version only]
Morsink, P. Goldenbeld, C. Dragutinovic, N. Marchau, V. Walta, L. & Brookhuis, K.
Leidschendam, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2007, 119 p., 205 ref.; R-2006-25

Samenvatting Speed management is a central theme in traffic management, aiming to optimize traffic in terms of safety, efficiency and the environment, by reducing speeding and speed differences in traffic. Intelligent vehicles can perform tasks that conventional measures cannot do at all, or do less efficiently. This report presents scientific evidence of the predicted effects of promising intelligent vehicle systems for speed support. Based on further insight, the report makes suggestions for further research and policymaking.
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