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ProFusion2 - Sensor Data Fusion for Multiple Active Safety Applications.
C 41228 (In: C 40997 CD-ROM) /91 / ITRD E135146
Park, S.B. Tango, F. Aycard, O. Polychronopoulos, A. Scheunert, U. & Tatschke, T.
In: Proceedings of the 13th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Services, London, United Kingdom, 8-12 October 2006, 8 p.

Samenvatting The Preventive and Active Safety Applications project (PReVENT), contributes to the safety goals of the European Commission (EC). PReVENT addresses the function fields of safe speed and safe following, lateral support, intersection safety and protection of vulnerable road users and collision mitigation in order to cover the field of active safety. The majority of these functions are characterized by using perception strategies based on multi sensor platforms and multi-sensor data fusion. ProFusion as cross-functional activity has the responsibility to streamline the multi sensor data fusion in the functional field activities. This paper presents several aspects of the research work conducted in ProFusion2 (PF2). For the covering abstract see ITRD E134653.
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