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Field Operational Test Plan of Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative System for Intersection Collision Avoidance in Kanagawa, Japan.
C 41154 (In: C 40997 CD-ROM) /73 /91 / ITRD E134954
Fukushima, M.
In: Proceedings of the 13th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Services, London, United Kingdom, 8-12 October 2006, 7 p.

Samenvatting Although the death rate of traffic accidents is decreasing in Japan, the number of accidents causing injury and the number of people injured is remain at a high level. While on-board mechanism has been developed and actualized, there are still collision types which are difficult to solve by the vehicle alone. To solve this difficulty, Vehicle-Infrastructure communication safety support, the DSSS (Driving Safety Support System), using Infrared Beacon is taking an active role in Japan. The advanced measures taken by the Kanagawa DSSS Analysis WG, which is one of the actions of the DSSS, are introduced. For the covering abstract see ITRD E134653.
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