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Crossroads risk assessment using GPS and Inter-vehicle communications.
C 41024 (In: C 40997 CD-ROM) /73 / ITRD E134679
Ammoun, S. Nashasibi, F. & Laurgeau, C.
In: Proceedings of the 13th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Services, London, United Kingdom, 8-12 October 2006, 7 p.

Samenvatting Recent developments in inter-vehicle communications focus either on the hardware and software definitions or on the evaluation of the general performance of such systems in vehicular environments. The performance of inter-vehicle communications was analysed through a vehicular application approach. The application deals with risk assessment in crossroads approaching without exploiting a Geographic Information System. The system is based ona standard 802.11 technology combined to a standard low cost GPS receiver. The performance is analyzed regarding the application showing the feasibility of the system and its integration on board our prototype LARA. For the covering abstract see ITRD E134653.
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