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A safety analysis of fatigue and drowsy driving in the State of Utah.
C 40909 [electronic version only]
Schultz, G.G. & Young, H.T.
Salt Lake City, UT, Utah Department of Transportation, 2007, XVIII + [260] p., ref.; Report No. UT-07.07

Samenvatting Fatigue and drowsy driving in the state of Utah has been a causal factor in thousands of crashes over the years and poses a serious threat to public safety. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the impact of drowsy driving in the state, to identify locations where fatigue and drowsy driving may be contributing to current crashes, and to identify methods to help mitigate these crashes. A 3-year drowsy driving crash analysis spanning the years 2002-2004 was used to determine which segments of Utah highway are most prone to drowsy driving crashes. Drowsy driving corridors were identified on Interstates 15, 70, 80, and 84 as well as U.S. Routes 89 and 91 and on S.R. 36. To recommend appropriate drowsy driving countermeasures for these corridors, a review of existing countermeasures was conducted. A before-after study as well as a public survey of drowsy driving along Interstate 80 west of Salt Lake City was also completed. The before-after study indicated that drowsy driving freeway signage reduced crashes by as much as 63 percent, while a public opinion survey supplemented these findings. Recommendations were made for the drowsy driving corridors to aid in improved safety. (Author/publisher)
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