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Self-regulation of driving behaviour and driving cessation among a group of older people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or early dementia.
C 40786 /83 / ITRD E215057
Snellgrove, C.
Daw Park, Australia, Repatriation General Hospital, 2005, 60 p., ref.; Report 2005/07

Samenvatting This study employed quantitative and qualitative research methods to develop an understanding of the self-regulatory behaviours of older drivers with MCI or early dementia. Alternative transport options following driving cessation were also explored. The voluntary study participants were 99 older drivers with MCI or early dementia. At baseline, participants rated their driving ability, and driving avoidance behaviours, immediately before completing a standardized on-road driving assessment. Participants who failed the on-road driving assessment were advised to cease driving. At three-months follow-up, these participants were asked if they were still driving, and if so, why they were driving against advice. Those who had ceased driving were asked to discuss alternative transport options available to them. In conclusion, it may be unrealistic to assume that all older people with MCI or early dementia will be able to extend their driving lives by self-regulation. For some, driving cessation may be the only safe option Few transportation options seem available to ex-drivers with MCI or early dementia. Hence, a sizeable proportion may continue to drive when it is not safe to do so. Flexible alternative transportation options should be improved for both essential travel and discretionary travel. (Author/publisher)
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