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Drugs in oral fluid. Part II: Investigation of drugs in drivers.
C 40188 [electronic version only]
Wylie, F.M. Torrance, H. Seymour, A. Buttress, S. & Oliver, J.S.
Forensic Science International, Vol. 150 (2005), Nos. 2-3 (10 June), p. 199-204, 13 ref.

Samenvatting As part of the European project, Impaired Motorists, Methods of Roadside Testing and Assessment for Licensing, otherwise known as IMMORTAL (Deliverable R4.2), the University of Glasgow was required to analyse 1396 oral fluid samples, collected from drivers, for a wide range of drugs. A previously described method to include 49 drugs and metabolites was used. To include cannabis in the study a separate extraction method was required because of interferences caused by the collection device. The study group included drivers who were stopped at random and participation was entirely voluntary. The results showed that out of the 1396 samples tested, 16.8% were positive for at least one drug. In the majority of positive cases (85%), monodrug use was found and the most commonly detected drug was 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine. This study showed that a significant number of the driving population are positive for at least one drug. (Author/publisher)
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