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About alcohol ignition interlocks.
C 40149 [electronic version only]
Robertson, R.D. Vanlaar, W.G.M. & Simpson, H.M.
Between the Lines, Vol. 16 (2007), No. 1 (Spring), 2 p.

Samenvatting An alcohol ignition interlock is a sophisticated breath-testing device that is connected to the ignition system of a vehicle.When the device detects a pre-set level of alcohol in a breath sample, presumably provided by the driver, it prevents the vehicle from being started by blocking electrical power to the starter. Advances in the ignition interlock field in the past two decades have been substantial. Sound research demonstrating the effectiveness of these devices in preventing impaired individuals from driving a vehicle has been amassed—research has consistently found reductions in recidivism of 45-90%.The technology is very advanced and has overcome most problems associated with circumvention. The device also provides extensive records of such things as attempts to start the vehicle and failures to do so. The characteristics of the devices are flexible, so they can be tailored to accommodate a broad range of jurisdictional requirements. (Author/publisher)
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