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Driving and dementia.
C 40148 [electronic version only]
Breen, D.A. Breen, D.P. Moore, J.W. Breen, P.A. & O'Neill, D.
British Medical Journal, Vol. 334 (2007), No. 7608 (30 June), p. 1365-1369, 24 ref.

Samenvatting Many people with early dementia are capable of driving safely. Evidence suggests that the risk of crashes in drivers with dementia is low for up to three years after disease onset, but this varies between people. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency must be notified of all new diagnoses of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias: this relies primarily on self reporting. The doctor's role is to make an immediate decision on safety to drive and to ensure that the licensing agency is notified. Cognitive testing cannot determine whether individuals with early dementia are able to drive safely. he challenge for doctors and the licensing agency is to balance mobility and safety in a growing population of older drivers (Author/publisher)
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