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Driving and dementia.
C 39893 [electronic version only]
O'Neill, D.
Canadian Medical Association Journal CMAJ, Vol. 176 (2007), No. 3 (January 30), p. 351, 8 ref.

Samenvatting As a result of the work of Nathan Herrmann and colleagues (Herrmann N, Rapoport MJ, Sambrook R, et al; Canadian Outcomes Study in Dementia (COSID) Investigators. Predictors of driving cessation in mild-to-moderate dementia. CMAJ 2006;175:591-5.) we now have an improved understanding of the factors involved in driving cessation among people with dementia. Of particular interest was the finding that living in a jurisdiction with mandatory reporting did not significantly increase the risk of driving cessation. This leads one to question the utility of mandatory reporting, which may deter patients with dementia from relaying concerns about deterioration in their level of functioning to their physician. (Author/publisher)
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