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Road safety best practices : examples and recommendations.
C 39532 [electronic version only]
Elsenaar, P. & Abouraad, S.
Geneva, Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), 2005, 72 p., ref.

Samenvatting The present manual has been produced by the Global Road Safety Partnership for its participation in the Workshop on the Implementation of Good Practices in Road Traffic Safety organized by the UN-ESCWA in Muscat, Oman on 28 and 29 November 2005. This workshop strives to introduce through lectures and manual presentations the most recognized worldwide good practices in road safety and will address those who are directly involved and responsible for planning or implementing road safety policies and programmes in their respective countries. The manual presents six chapters each one focusing on a road safety theme where experience has proved that specific measures and actions could lead to positive outcome in the reduction of crashes and victims of road accidents. Each chapter starts with an introduction followed by an analysis of the effectiveness of actions in road safety, and then an example in countries around the world where some good results have been achieved is briefly described. Recommendations are given on how to proceed with the best implementation. The following subjects are being tackled in the six chapters: campaign and enforcement, awareness and partnership, crash databases, treatment of black spots, road design and speed management, health and road safety: prehospital care. In the appendices some extracts from various manuals and reports are given as additional references and examples of best practices. (Author/publisher)
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