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Observation of driver expression of aggressive behavior.
C 39504 [electronic version only]
Jelenova, I.
Studia Psychologica, Vol. 48 (2006), No. 4, p. 293-301, 21 ref.

Samenvatting The present study examined the relationship between a drivers' age and a gender, a vehicle status and a traffic density and an aggressive driving behavior. We analyze the results of the observations conducted at four intersections during a total of 24 hours. We observed three types of behavior: short horn honking, long horn honking, inappropriate and the sudden lane changes and cutting in front of the other drivers. The gender differences in occurrence of the observed types of an aggressive behavior were not noticed. The younger drivers appeared to have a greater tendency toward aggressive driving behavior than the older ones. The vehicle status is associated with a frequency of the observed aggressive acts. An analysis of the relation between the number of the vehicles on the road and an aggressive driver behavior did not show any evident increase in an aggressive behavior with the increased traffic congestion. (Author/publisher)
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