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Characteristics of DUI recidivists : a 12-year follow-up study of first time DUI offenders.
C 39395 [electronic version only]
Cavaiola, A.A. Strohmetz, D.B. & Abreo, S.D.
Addictive Behaviors, Vol. 32 (2007), No. 4 (April), p. 855-861, 23 ref.

Samenvatting 77 individuals convicted of a drinking and driving (DUI) offense were screened for recidivism approximately 12 years following their first offense. At the time of the initial DUI conviction, participants were administered the MAST and the MMPI-2. Participants' drinking history and driving history and arrest at the time of screening and at a 12-year follow-up were also reviewed. The results indicate that, among DUI recidivists, on average 6 years elapsed between their first and second DUI offenses. Driving history prior to the first DUI offense was predictive of later recidivism. The only significant finding from the MAST and MMPI results was that repeat offenders tended to have higher scores on the L and K validity scales of the MMPI. These results are discussed in the context of Jessor's Problem-Behavior Theory and as well their clinical implications for screening and treatment decisions involving first time DUI offenders. (Author/publisher)
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