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Assessing driver distraction due to in-vehicle video systems through field testing at the Pecos Research and Testing Center.
C 39345 [electronic version only]
Funkhouser, D. & Chrysler, S.T.
Austin, TX, Southwest Region University Transportation Center SWUTC, 2007, XIV + 41 p., 7 ref.; Report Number SWUTC/07/473700-00082-1

Samenvatting Nine drivers drove 5 laps in an instrumented vehicle around a 10.1 mile closed course containing numerous curves. Two laps were designated as controls, with each participant also driving one lap while watching a DVD program, one lap while listening to a DVD program and one lap while operating the DVD player. Participants watching and operating the DVD player were less likely to notice outside events like a lead vehicle applying its brake, or a light being illuminated in their periphery. During the laps involving the DVD player, they also reacted slower to the events presented in their periphery. Participants watching or operating the DVD player were also more likely to use their brake and take turns at higher lateral accelerations when negotiating the many curves throughout the test-track. Finally, participants drove significantly slower when watching the DVD player and marginally slower when operating it. (Author/publisher)
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