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Non-periodical inspection of vehicles after technical modifications. AUTOFORE study on the future options for roadworthiness enforcement in the European Union, workpackage WP 540.
C 39328 [electronic version only]

Brussels, International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA), [2006], 22 p.

Samenvatting The evaluation of this report shows that inspection organisations are in position in the frame of an non-periodical inspection to assess effectively technical modifications at vehicles. The equipment and knowledge of the employees of inspection organisations is well performed regarding to vehicle technology and vehicle construction. They can also achieve the organisational work. Police and Registration Authorities could also be in line with the implementatiom of an additional inspection, but they do not have expert knowledge and the equipment as test centres. Mechanics in garages have the necessary knowledge in technology and the experience to modify vehicles, but they have missing information in legislation and works profit orientated. Therefore they have no interest in a non-periodical inspection, because this could influence negatively on the sale of additional parts. (Author/publisher) For the final report and other Workpackages of the AUTOFORE project see http://cita.weborigin.be/AUTOFORE%5FStudy/map.htm
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