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The non-periodical inspection of vehicles after accidents. AUTOFORE study on the future options for roadworthiness enforcement in the European Union, workpackage WP 540.
C 39327 [electronic version only]

Brussels, International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA), [2006], 20 p.

Samenvatting After an accident the roadworthiness of a vehicle is, depending on the crash severity, reduced or not existent at all. This case is actually already incorporated in the existing regulations. A vehicle always needs to fulfill the safety and environmental requirements. This compliance with the law is within the regular vehicle inspection performed by inspection organizations and within the irregular vehicle inspection (here: roadside inspection) checked by police forces. This existing roadworthiness assurance system already is very comprehensive. Still, too many vehicles, for a too long period of time are not incorporated into this scheme. This creates the need for an additional irregular inspection, which deals with the roadworthiness after accidents. (Author/publisher) For the final report and other Workpackages of the AUTOFORE project see http://cita.weborigin.be/AUTOFORE%5FStudy/map.htm
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