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Leidschendam, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, 2017, Pp., 52 ref.; SWOV Fact sheet

Samenvatting In 2016, there were 189 road deaths among cyclists in the Netherlands. This is approximately 30% of the total number of road deaths. The number of seriously injured cyclists is not exactly known. Their number in 2015 was estimated to be more than 60% of the total number of serious road injuries, which would be over 13 thousand. A large proportion of the seriously injured cyclists is the result of a single bicycle crash, a crash in which no other road user is directly involved. Whereas over the past few years road safety has improved for most modes of transport, this has not been the case for cyclists. Unsafe behaviour by cyclists themselves can increase their risk. Risk factors are cycling through the red light, smartphone use, cycling under the influence, and cycling without good bicycle lights. Unsafe behaviour of other road users — speeding, distraction, driving through the red light, drink-driving — is also dangerous for cyclists. Further improvements to the infrastructure (e.g. separate and sufficiently wide bike paths) and new ICT applications, both for the bike itself as well as for cars and the traffic system in general can improve the safety of cyclists. More information about cyclist safety and possible measures can be found in the (archived) SWOV Fact sheets Blind spot crashes (https://www.swov.nl/en/publication/blind-spot-crashes), Bicycle helmets (https://www.swov.nl/en/facts-figures/factsheet/bicycle-helmets), Phone use by cyclists and pedestrians (https://www.swov.nl/en/facts-figures/factsheet/phone-use-cyclists-and-pedestrians), Senior cyclists (https://www.swov.nl/en/publication/senior-cyclists), What are the risks of cycling during darkness? (https://www.swov.nl/en/publication/hoe-gevaarlijk-fietsen-het-donker), Crossing facilities for cyclists and pedestrians (https://www.swov.nl/en/publication/crossing-facilities-cyclists-and-pedestrians) and Bicycle facilities on distributor roads (https://www.swov.nl/en/facts-figures/factsheet/bicycle-facilities-distributor-roads). The most important information in these fact sheets has been included in the present fact sheet.
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