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Road accident models and safety measures for vulnerable road users.
C 38946 (In: C 38917 CD-ROM) /83 /81 / ITRD E214525
Pramada Valli, P.
In: Research into practice : proceedings of the 22nd ARRB Conference, Canberra, Australia, 29 October - 2 November 2006, 13 p.

Samenvatting Rapid growth of population coupled with increasing economic activities particularly in developing countries is responsible for the continuing increase in motor vehicles, thereby causing road accidents. The increase in road accidents has created social problems due to loss of life and human suffering. The causation of accidents can be understood with the help of in-depth analysis of accident statistics, which provides clues to the many factors involved. An attempt has been made to analyse the road accident data pertaining to Delhi, the capital city of India, by developing suitable models. Corrective safety measures as suggested in this paper aim to prevent safety problems and encourage smooth mobility for people in the future. Safety measures for vulnerable road users such as policy decisions, law and enforcement, environment change, traffic education and traffic safety research, which need to be adopted to enhance road safety, are included in this paper. Some of the preventive measures to reduce road accidents are also listed. However, it is important to list and discuss all possibilities as this encourages future developments for the prevention of road accidents. (a) For the covering entry of this conference, please see ITRD abstract no. 0612AR242E.
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