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Demands on scientific studies in different fields of forensic medicine and forensic sciences : Traffic medicine - Impaired driver : alcohol, drugs, diseases.
C 38689 [electronic version only]
Berghaus, G. Ramaekers, J.G. & Drummer, O.H.
Forensic Science International, Vol. 165 (2007), Nos. 2-3 (January 17), p. 233-237, 12 ref.

Samenvatting Since human performance is a key factor in crash causation detailed knowledge of the involvement of alcohol, drugs and diseases is of fundamental interest for road safety. To better understand the effect of these influencing factors it is important to use a combination of witness observations and a range of experimental and epidemiological studies. Epidemiological approaches to research such as road-side-surveys, case-control-studies, culpability analysis, pharmaco-epidemiological studies are usually seen as being able to provide the best answers. This article discusses the relative merits of experimental and epidemiological approaches. (Author/publisher)
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