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Vulnerable road users in Ireland.
C 38653 [electronic version only]

Brussels, European Transport Safety Council ETSC, 2007, 4 p., 21 ref.; VOICE (Vulnerable Road User Organisations in cooperation across Europe) Country Sheet ; February 2007

Samenvatting In the EU ranking, Ireland finds itself just below the average of 95 road deaths per million inhabitants. This is good news but much still remains to be done to improve road safety in the country. Issues such as drink driving and speeding are particularly worrying. According to evidence, the vast majority of road accidents can be attributable to inappropriate driver behaviour. This has clear implications for the safety of vulnerable road users , especially pedestrians, who are still one of the main causes of national concern. Although the number of child deaths is below the average of the EU-14, they make up a disproportionately high percentage of total road deaths. (Author/publisher)
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