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Measures to promote cyclist safety and mobility : final report of Workpackage 2 of the European research project PROMISING (Promotion of Measures for Vulnerable Road Users), Deliverable D2.
C 38477 [electronic version only]

Espoo, Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT, 2001, 63 p., 49 ref.

Samenvatting This volume is one of the six deliverables of the European research project PROMISING, on the promotion of mobility and safety of vulnerable road users. The research was carried out by a consortium of European partners, which was co-ordinated by the SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, The Netherlands. This report contains the final report of Workpackage 2. It presents the main principles for a policy to implement non-restrictive safety measures for cyclists. `Non-restrictive' means that an efficient and comfortable mobility of cycling is taken into account when safety measures are designed. The approach for such a policy is illustrated by data and by examples of strategies and measures. (A)
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