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Alcolocks : tackling drinking and driving through the use of technology : Robert Gifford, Executive Director of The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) outlines the latest preventative measure.
C 37862 [electronic version only] /83 / ITRD E131208
Gifford, R.
Good Motoring Magazine, Vol. 67 (2006), No. 2 (19 April), p. 50

Samenvatting Alcolocks are innovative devices designed to reduce the incidence of drink-driving. An alcolock is an interlock device requiring the driver to take a breath test before starting the car. If the driver fails the test, the ignition of the vehicle will be locked. Two types of use are envisaged. The first is for ordinary drivers and for use in fleets of vehicles belonging to companies. The second is for use as part of rehabilitation after a drink-drive conviction. Legislation is being drafted in Sweden to make alcolocks obligatory in all new trucks and buses from 2010 and in all new cars from 2012. Alcolocks are being used in America, Canada and Australia to prevent re-offending and trials have also been conducted in Finland, Sweden and France. In the UK, a research project was conducted to investigate the effects of an alcolock for repeat drink-drive offenders. A proposal in the Road Safety Bill would allow courts to offer repeat offenders the opportunity to take part in an alcolock programme with a resulting reduction in the period of disqualification.
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