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The Road Safety Monitor 2005 : drugs and driving.
C 37548 [electronic version only] /83 /
Simpson, H.M. Singhal, D. Vanlaar, W.G.M. & Mayhew, D.R.
Ottawa, Ontario, Traffic Injury Research Foundation of Canada TIRF, 2006, 22 p., 28 ref. - ISBN 978-0-920071-59-5

Samenvatting The Road Safety Monitor is a public opinion survey developed and managed by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) to take the pulse of the nation on key road safety issues. Conducted annually since 2001, the survey examines: . what Canadians see as priority road safety issues and how concerned they are about them; . their views about how to deal with these problems; . what they know and don’t know about safe driving practices; and . how they behave on the highways. The TIRF Road Safety Monitor includes a core set of questions that are asked each year to provide information on trends in attitudes, opinions and behaviours. This is supplemented by a set of questions that probe more deeply into special, topical, and emerging issues. The fifth edition of the TIRF Road Safety Monitor contained 75 items designed to probe the knowledge, attitudes, and concerns of Canadians with respect to a range of road safety issues and to obtain information on their driving practices. The survey required an average of approximately 14 minutes to complete. It was administered by telephone to a random sample of Canadian drivers, by Opinion Search Inc. in September, 2005. A total of 1,218 drivers completed the interview. The data were weighted to ensure the results were representative of the national population. Based on a sample of this size, the results can be considered accurate within 2.8%, 19 times out of 20 (most conservative estimate). Further details are provided in a previous report (Beirness et. al., 2005), which examined attitudes, perceptions, and practices related to drinking and driving. Other findings from the survey appear in a report on “Public Awareness and Concern About Road Safety” (Singhal et al. 2006). The present report focuses on drugs and driving. (Author/publisher)
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